How much does it cost?

Average Inspection Prices

Prices for inspections depend on various parameters. How large is the machine and how much time will the inspector need on site? What is the travel distance and how can the technician reach the location? Can we combine the inspection with other jobs? There is no general answer. But usually the price for a single machine inspections is round about 520 to 680 Euro. Just in some cases with large travel distance the cost might be higher.

Prices for crane inspections usually start from 900 Euro. Depending on effort it might be more or less. Specific equipment such as blast hole rock drills, milling machines or concrete pumps can be inspected for a fee starting from 600 Euro. With ordering an inspection by Mevas you will receive instructions how to pay and how to avoid additional German tax (VAT).

Call Mevas for a quotation

Send an e-mail to Mevas with machine and supplier details. Within a few hours you will receive a quotation and details how to order an inspection.