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Mevas is an abbreviation for Machinery Evaluation Service. The core business of the company is the evaluation or the appraisal of used heavy machinery. With a team of well-trained engineers Mevas performs inspection on used equipment. What means a used machine inspection by Mevas?. The remaining life time of machine components such as tires, undercarriages or engines is estimated. An inspection of a used excavator, truck, bulldozer or any other machine includes a functional test. Mevas engineers are very experienced and can operate most heavy machines. The performance of the engine, the hydraulic system and the drive operation is being tested. The machine structure will be investigated and any damage or failure will be recorded. Finally a full report will be provided including a set of meaningful pictures or video. Why can customers trust in Mevas Machinery Evaluation Service? It is because the company is doing nothing else than heavy equipment inspections.

Independent Inspections

3rd party machinery evaluation or appraisal is our core business. If you find a machine or a crane and you don't know the supplier we can most probably help with our inspection service. You can stay at home and we send our technician for a professional machine inspection. To keep this website clear and short we don't show pictures. But if you want to get some impressions please visit our media page.
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We are specialized

Due the long time we are involved in heavy equipment, we became specialized in specific machinery. Mevas inspectors are trained in inspection of various machines. We have specific knowledge in earthmoving machines and mining equipment. Some engineers are trained for crane and concrete pump inspections.

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